Ferrari 308 i parts

Service Kits / Clutch Kits / Brake pads

Ferrari 308i service kit

Service Kit

Service Kit

Distribution & Belts Kit

Ferrari 308i Clutch kit

Clutch Kit

Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc & Thrust Bearing

Ferrari 308i Brake pads

Brake Pads

Front & Rear Brake pads Set

Ferrari 308i cam cover gaskets

Cam Cover Gaskets

Cam Cover Gaskets kit with Oil seals

Ferrari 308i Head Gaskets

Head Gaskets

Elring Head Gaskets

Ferrari 308i Engine gasket set

Engine Gasket Set

Full 2 Valve Engine Gasket Set

Ferrari 308i water pump

Water Pump

Water Pump

Ferrari 308i expansion tank

Expansion Tank

Expansion Tank with Tap


Ferrari 308i sports exhaust

Sports Exhaust

Add a strong roar to the pleasure of driving your Ferrari

Ferrari 308i original exhaust silencer

Ansa Original Exhaust

Original Ansa Exhaust for Concourse or Certification

Ferrari 308i front exhaust manifold


Front Exhaust Manifold

Ferrari 308i Rear exhaust manifold


Rear Exhaust Manifold


Ferrari 308 headlight


Ferrari 308 Indicator Assemblies

European Spec Front Park/Indicator Assemblies

Ferrari 308 Indicator Lens

European Indicator Lens Carello

Ferrari 308 US Indicator Assemblies

US Indicator Assemblies

Ferrari 308 US Indicator lens

US Indicator Lens 

Ferrari 308i Tailights

 Tailight assemblies set Carello

Ferrari 308 Door light

Door Light

Ferrari 308 side marker

Side Marker

Ferrari 308 license plate lights

License Plate Lights

Bumpers / Bonnets / Fenders / Grills

Ferrari 308 front bumper

European Front Bumper

Ferrari 308 rear bumper

European Rear Bumper

Ferrari 308 front clip fenders

Front Section

Ferrari 308 rear bonnet

Engine Deck Lid

Ferrari 308 front spoiler

Front Spoiler

Ferrari 308 front grill

Front Grill

Ferrari 308 front fender grills

Front Fender Grills

Ferrari 308 Front Bonnet

Front bonnet

Ferrari 308 pop up lights

Front pop up light cointainer

Ferrari 308 GTS side grill

GTS side Grill

Ferrari 308 GTB side grill

GTB side Grill

Ferrari 308 roof spoiler

Roof Spoiler GTB or GTS

Ferrari 308i rear exhaust grill

Rear Exhaust Grill

Rubber seals / trims

Ferrari 308i targa roof front gasket

GTS Front Roof Seal

Ferrari 308 Rear screen gasket

Rear Screen gasket

Ferrari 308 Door Seal

Door Seal

Glass / Mirrors

Ferrari 308 windscreen


Ferrari 308 rear screen

Rear Screen (Heated)

Ferrari 308 side glass

Side Glass

Ferrari 308 Mirrors


Ferrari 308 interior mirror

Interior Mirror


Ferrari 308 14 inch wheels

14 inch Wheel & Tryre Set

Ferrari 308 16 inch wheels

16 inch Wheels

Ferrari 308 TRX wheels

TRX Wheels

Ferrari 308 XWX Tyres

XWX Tyres

Steering wheel / Guages / Switches

Ferrari 308i steering wheel

Original MOMO Steering Wheel

Ferrari 308 Horn Button

Horn Button (Momo)

Ferrari 308i column switch

Column Switch

Ferrari 308 REV Guage

Rev Guage

Ferrari 308 heater levers


Ferrari 308i window switches

window switches

Ferrari 308 dashboard lights

Dashboard lights

Ferrari 308i cigarette lighter

Cigarette lighter

Seats / upholstry

Ferrari 308 seat covers

Seat Covers

Ferrari 308 floor mats

Floor Mats

Ferrari 308 targa roof lining

GTS Targa roof lining

Ferrari 308 targa roof cover

targa roof storage cover

Ferrari 308 dashboard


Ferrari 308 trunk cover

Trunk Cover

Ferrari 308 seatbelts

Klippan Seat Belts

Ferrari 308 gearknob


Keys & Locks

Ferrari 308 ignition & keys

Ignition lock & keys

Ferrari 308 door locks & keys

Door Locks & keys

Ferrari 308 side grill locks and keys

Side Grill lock & keys

Ferrari 308 Boot release Handle

Boot Release Handle


Ferrari 308 Ferrari script

Ferrari Script

Ferrari 308 front badge emblem

Front Badge

Ferrari 308 wheel badges

Wheel Badges

Ferrari 308 Pininfarina Badge

Pininfarina Badge

Ferrari 308 script

308 Script

Ferrari 308i gtbi script

GTB script

Ferrari 308 GTSi script

GTSi script

Ferrari 308 VIN Plate

VIN Plate

Ferrari 308 air condition plate

Air condition Plate

Ferrari 308 Lever plates

Lever Plates

Ferrari 308 Aerial Plate

Aerial Plate

Toolkits / jack / Document pouches / manuals

Ferrari 308i document pouch

Owners Manual & Pouch

Ferrari 308 Toolkit tollroll

Tool Roll

Ferrari 308i jack kit

Jack kit

Ferrari 308 luggage

Luggage Set

Ferrari 308 emergency triangle

Emergency Triangle

Ferrari 308 emergency window winder

Emergency Window Winder

Ferrari 308 car cover

Car cover

Mechanical parts

Ferrari 308 engine Cover

Engine Cover

Ferrari 308 Cylinder Head

Cylinder Heads. Both Sides Available

Ferrari 308 Gearbox


Ferrari 308 Flywheel


Ferrari 308 shock absorbers

Shock Absorbers

Ferrari 308 weber carburetors

Weber Carburetors

Ferrari 308 carburetor trumpets

Carburetor Trumpets

Ferrari 308 steering rack

Steering rack

Ferrari 308 silent bloc

Silent Bloc Sets for Front & Rear suspension

Ferrari 308 Radiator


Ferrari 308 brake master cylinder

Brake Master Cylinder

Ferrari 308 Break discs

Break Discs

Electrical parts

Ferrari 308i distribution cap

Distribution Cap

Ferrari 308i rotor


Ferrari 308i ignition leads

Ignition Cables

Ferrari 308i sparkplug extensions

Sparkplug Extensions

Ferrari 308 AC compressor

AC Compressor

Ferrari 308 Alternator


Ferrari 308 aerial


Ferrari 308 window motor

Window motor

Ferrari 308 fuel pump

Fuel Pump

Ferrari 308 wiper motor

Wiper motor

Ferrari 308i Digiplex

Digi Plex

Body Fittings

Ferrari 308 wiper arms

Wiper Arms

Ferrari 308 front bonnet strut

Front Bonnet Strut

Ferrari 308i rear bonnet struts

Rear Lid Support Rod

Ferrari 308 fuel cap

Fuel Cap